Mission: Making functional and sculptural objects in clay that create movement both visually and emotionally. I believe this must happen while sharing techniques and ideas in a communal atmosphere, connecting with and inspiring others.

Philosophy: Experience and teach others to have "serious fun" making objects with clay.


My experience in every aspect of working in clay started in a high school ceramic class in 1989-90. From that moment on clay was my preferred medium.  In 1995-97 under the direction of Professor Michael Galletta I began to focus on a future in clay. In 2002 after graduating from Ucf with a BFA I started to teach at Rollins College Summer Day Camp (ages 5-13) and then in Orange County Public Schools for 3 years before moving to Oviedo High School in Seminole County 2005. This time spent teaching kids in public schools has been perhaps my best education.....for this I am very thankful! The exchange that developed in my classroom inspired and motivated all involved.  In 2005 I also began to pursue my career as studio artist showing nationally and internationally for the first time. This was partially to answer the inquiries from my students but also questions I had about making a living as an artist. My finishing techniques were developed from incidents the students labeled “failures and mishaps”. I was determined to have my students learn the value of seeing things for what they are and not what they should have been. The first memorable example of this is when I used a “failed” glazing attempt to create a glazing technique. I used this finishing technique to propel my work to its first international show and won the “Grand Prize”.  This was not the first or last time I learned that focusing on the needs of my students paid out dividends to all involved in the process.