Exciting news from the 2014 MunGyeong Chasabal Festival!

I am so thankful for the support of my OHS administration and students sending me off to Korea to participate in this competition! I return to oviedo still in shock from the wonderful experience.

I was hoping to repost an announcement on the awards from 2014 Mungyeong International Chasabal Competition....i still haven't seen the official anouncement. The award ceremony was last Thursday so I think its ok if announce I received "Gold Prize" for my teabowl titled "Down the Drain with the Snake Oil Empire".
I am honored that my work was so well received in Korea! Im looking forward to going back to spend more time in this wonderful cultural exchange. 
The other awards were as follows:
Kikuchi-san (Japan) was awarded the "Silver Prize"
Julia Winter (Germany) was awarded the "Bronze Prize"
Congrats to all the participants! We all were awarded with the best hospitality a person could ask for!